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Guided by the mission of serving students, the Living and Counseling Section is committed to offering various resources that students may need in their day-to-day life beyond the scope of learning. Guided by a passion for service that emphasizes love and humanistic care, the Section shall do its best to help students resolve any problem they may encounter outside of their studies so that they may devote their full attention to the completion of their academic pursuit. At the same time, The Section is also inspired by TUT’s educational philosophies and shall endeavor to help students cultivate diverse capabilities, by helping them to drawn upon their own strengths to help themselves.

Features of the Living and Counseling Section: The Living and Counseling Section is made up of a group of optimistic, proactive and passionate members and in addition to accommodating to students’ various needs, we also help students to adapt to campus life and resolve whatever difficulties they may have in their day-to-day lives.

Vision: To construct core values and a unique campus culture that will shape a friendly campus while motivating students to achieve self-fulfillment, thereby cultivating outstanding citizens with exemplary morals.

Goals: To ensure a safe campus lifestyle for students; facilitate the development of talent based on students’ individual characteristics and self-fulfillment in order to create a campus of diverse culture that will nurture students with the right morals and attitudes, cultivating them to become patriotic citizens with a broad world view.